The APIS protocol provides extensive data analytics for digital assets across all public blockchains, both layer-one and layer-two scaling solutions.

Our features

Data Querying

Public blockchains are data machines—price, volume, history, the list goes on. The APIS allows you to discover the latest trends, reveal transaction histories, and search across portfolio holdings of yours and others’ wallet addresses.


Seamlessly create your own customized NFT drop calendar, market-data charts, and market-based notifications, enabling you to filter out irrelevant information and focus only on the opportunities that you deem the most valuable.


The APIS samples data across all prominent public blockchains, across all time-series since inception. Our data is indexed so you can compare metrics from different blockchains and their native smart contracts, helping you decide which projects are most promising.


We provide instant, understandable access to complex data. With only one click, you can experience a rich gallery of interactive charts and graphs. With a few more clicks, you can create your own customized galleries, ones that would have taken weeks or months to build from scratch.


Receive instant Email, Twitter, Discorder, and Browser alerts on the mints, projects, and wallets you follow.


The APIS removes barriers for NFT gaming projects, providing gaming developers and users with a. one-stop solution for their customized data, no longer requiring each GameFi project to run their own nodes and create their own interfaces.

Our mission

The APIS’ vision is to function as a one-stop middleware solution provider for decentralized querying, indexing, and writing services, delivered instantly across multiple blockchains, both layer-one mainchains and layer-two scaling solutions.

The APIS is only focused on the API layer of the programming stack, we can create more performant services than could be developed in-house, both in terms of speed and security. We believe that the widespread application of APIs will remove a significant barrier to entry for Web3 builders.

Our story

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Our initial focus is on art, gaming, and social media sub-sectors, as those are the sub-sectors with the highest current adoption in the Web3 ecosystem. We also have significant in-industry connections to those sub-sectors, thus enabling us to create customized products for prominent decentralized applications (such as the customized X World Games Dashboard) that we can later expand for our entire user base.

Phase One —  (Q1 2022)
  • Initial data overview data dashboard of DeFi, NFT and GameFi.
  • Interoperability Ethereum L2 solutions, Polkadot, and Solana.
  • Security audits.
  • $API (token) announcing and airdrops.
  • Adv on the Coinmarketcap IDO page.
  • LBP launch on mainstream launch platform.
  • Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming on UniSwap V3.
  • Building Customized NFT drop calendar.
  • $API Marketplace Rewards Mining is Live.
  • Curated NFT portfolio gallery dashboard.
  • Building Community

The APIS will give the earliest adopters — creators, traders and collectors — the best experience into the crypto space. We recognize that there is an upfront time and energy cost to trying and switching to a new platform, and as such our earliest creators and users will be rewarded for their platform participation and usage.

Our team has grown to more than five full time devs, operations and marketing veterans, and we plan to keep this momentum going throughout the rest of the year. By focusing on great user experience (speed and cost) and security, we will build a rock solid foundation for future features, product updates and widespread platform adoption.

Phase Two — (Q2 2022)
  • Instant alerts function on the mints, projects, and wallets.
  • Building The APIS DAO
  • Upgraded Liquidity Provision w/ Admin Tools
  • Monthly product update report.
  • Cross-chain Fractional NFT analyzing.
  • Active Creators Fund for self-sustaining creators onboarding and marketing
  • Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming on UniSwap V3.
  • Releasing The APIS community membership NFT.

The APIS removes barriers for NFT gaming projects, providing gaming users with a one-stop solution for their customized data, no longer requiring each GameFi project to run their own nodes and create their own interfaces. Meanwhile, as a community-based project, we’ll build DAO, which is instrumental to shaping how projects develop and operate, and release our membership NFT, which gives users exclusive access to premium functions, for example, receiving instant Email, Twitter, Discorder, and browser alerts on the mints, projects, and wallets you follow.

Phase Three — (Q3 2022)
  • Establishing and announcing partnerships with key projects.
  • Launching marketplace for buyers and sellers.
  • Developers’ Documentation for API access to marketplace
  • Launching multiple collections with digital artists.
  • Influencer marketing campaigns in conjunction with creator drops
  • Referral programs to incentivize influencers.
  • Monthly marketing contests, scouting for new NFT creators.

The market platforms for NFTs have seen an explosion in sales of the year 2021, with monthly sales volume peaking several billion.  A slew of other NFT marketplaces have sprung up at the same time. The APIS platform provides a one-stop middleware solution for decentralized querying, indexing, and writing services, delivered instantly across multiple blockchains.With these technical advantages over others, The Portal provide event tracking  management, to build an intelligent module that manage the index system and discover in real time, preset data analysis for different types,provide SQL query methods the improve customized analysis,also automated function modules based on user-defined portraits.

Phase Four — (Q4 2022)
  • Building a trading market in the metaverse.
  • Media feeds and alerts service in the metaverse.
  • Live streaming and Virtual Events.
  • Additional NFT and APIS airdrops for active users.
  • Establishing multichain public data analysis development stack
  • Turning into community-driven comprehensive DAO organized ecosystem

APIS Portal will provide full development stack for data scientist to build own query visualization dapp, a scalable,integrated,agile Layer 0 platform, to provide onchain data engine and warehouse stack,the first standard multi-chain platform for better blockchain

Our Backers