The APIS : Roadmap for Q1

The APIS NFT Portal will be launched by the end of Q1 2022.

The APIS : Roadmap for Q1


  • The APIS NFT Portal will be launched by the end of Q1 2022.
  • The NFT Portal will provide both generalized and customized real-time data feeds and analysis across multiple blockchains and layer-two scaling solutions.
  • The new $API token will be launched in tandem with the official $API Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event.
  • Shortly after, the $API liquidity mining and usage mining programs will be launched, ending our beta phase and transitioning The APIS into a global platform.

The APIS’ vision is to function as a one-stop middleware solution provider for decentralized querying, indexing, and writing services, delivered instantly across multiple blockchains, both layer-one mainchains and layer-two scaling solutions.

Offering secure, fair and user-friendly access to all NFT information is our first product in the querying and indexing services market. We believe that human-readable and enhanced data analysis will remove barriers for users, thus further promoting innovation for the NFT industry’s continued growth. Every internet user will buy and sell NFTs eventually, be it digitally native collectibles, digital representations of physical goods or services, or digital representations of intangible assets, such as intellectual property. Our initial focus is on art, gaming, and social media sub-sectors, as those are the sub-sectors with the highest current adoption in the Web3 ecosystem. We also have significant in-industry connections to those sub-sectors, thus enabling us to create customized products for prominent decentralized applications (such as the customized X World Games Dashboard) that we can later expand for our entire user base. The APIS will launch the NFT portal by the end of Q1 2022, facilitating the decision-making process of both individual collectors and professional investors alike.

NFT Portal, the game-changer

Our Data Dashboard will be our first live feature. Through the Data Dashboard, users can call upon a wealth of information to help them in their NFT buying and selling. The dashboard will provide an overview of the entire NFT market, enabling users to stay informed of all projects’ market cap, trading volume, transaction history, and current holders.

Complementing the Data Dashboard will be the Curated Gallery Dashboard, known short-hand as the Gallery. NFT Galleries will allow users to create unique experiences to view theirs and others’ NFTs, both showcasing their own portfolios and creating portfolios for other NFT owners and creators. Content creators will be able to create and exhibit their digital works to the entire APIS audience in an elegant, customized interface, allowing their work to be fully appreciated.

Additionally, the Portal will feature the Customized Drop Calendar. In the past, NFT collectors have had to either keep their eyes on Discord channels or manually write down the minting info in the normal calendar operations, which is both time-consuming and inefficient. The user-friendly calendar of The APIS will allow users to create notifications and reminders in-app, with direct reference to relevant information such as mint date, mint price and official mint website, thus never missing an NFT drop from users’ favorite creators.

The $API Token

As described in our last article, The APIS has launched a new contract for the $API token. For the protection of token holders, the $API token contract is currently being audited by CertiK, a top-rated blockchain security platform and smart contract auditing firm. We’ve also reached a consensus with CMC (CoinMarketCap), the world’s most-referenced price-tracking platform for crypto assets, to list API token in the CMC upcoming Token Launch.

We will auction 3% of the total $API token supply in a Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP), partnering with one of the most prominent LBP front-ends for the event (announcement coming shortly). LBPs continue to manifest as the most fair, and consequently most used, token auction scheme, as they enable participants globally to purchase tokens patiently without fear of missing out or being front-run by bots.

After the LBP is complete, the yield farming of the $API token will be launched on Uniswap V3, in order to enhance the liquidity of the $API token and open the $API market to more participants globally. Shortly after Uniswap yield farming is launched, we will launch the $API marketplace rewards mining program, thus fully aligning incentives between users of The APIS and holders of the $API token. Users will be able to earn $API by using The APIS, and then earn additional $API by bonding those tokens into the Uniswap pool, all without ever having to purchase $API separately. One of the most promising use cases of public blockchain technology is to fully align incentives between consumers, investors, and builders, turning economic actors into all three from the outset of a project’s creation.

Why APIs? — A Massive Market

APIs improve the development process by over a hundred times, simplifying complex processes into single lines of code. While they are rampant in the Web2 industry, Web3 APIs still remain nascent. The APIS seeks to change that. For the first time, Web3 users and builders will be able to build customized dashboards and applications without learning new programming languages, hiring additional employees, and maintaining additional databases. Because The APIS is only focused on the API layer of the programming stack, we can create more performant services than could be developed in-house, both in terms of speed and security. We believe that the widespread application of APIs will remove a significant barrier to entry for Web3 builders.

In Conclusion

The APIS is built for Web3 users by Web3 users.

We deeply believe that the crypto universe is predicated on decentralized communities. The engagement of the community is an essential part of the value of our project and will continue to drive our current and future products. We’ve announced our new Discord server and will continue to migrate from the former server. Other than our comprehensive NFT dashboard and our ecosystem token launch, we’ll continue to build customized solutions for NFT projects themselves (Powered by the APIS), which will both continue to grow The APIS ecosystem and generate additional mainstream product concepts. We’re thrilled to release more news as the quarter ensues.

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