Everything you need to know about The APIS Protocol.

What is The APIS?

The APIS is led by a team of Web3 enthusiasts on a mission to change the future of the internet. The APIS provides extensive data analytics for digital assets across all public blockchains, both layer-one and layer-two scaling solutions. We enable our users to visualize numerous characteristics of both NFT and DeFi assets, such as real-time NFT asset trading volume data, DeFi protocol revenue changes, and layer-one transaction fee data.

Where can I learn more about The APIS?

To learn more about The APIS , you can read articles published on the official medium. You can find detailed guides and content about The APIS here.

What is The APIS’s roadmap?

Our initial focus is on art, gaming, and social media sub-sectors, as those are the sub-sectors with the highest current adoption in the Web3 ecosystem. We also have significant in-industry connections to those sub-sectors, thus enabling us to create customized products for prominent decentralized applications (such as the customized X World Games Dashboard) that we can later expand for our entire user base. Read more about the roadmap.

What’s the Github address of The APIS?

You can find Github here.

What is the token distribution of The APIS (API)?

The API Token is the native token of The APIS protocol, deriving its utility from Staking by APIS Nodes and APIS Gateways, Dispute resolution, Staking by Optimistic or Zk-Rollup validators and Governance. You can find a full breakdown of the API token distribution in the gitbook.